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Dear S-BPM affiliate,

S-BPM ONE is the premier event of those that are active or interested in topics related to Subject-Oriented Business Process Management, such

  • stakeholder-oriented business process management
  • enterprise modeling and cross-organizational engineering
  • role and communications management
  • information structure architecting
  • activity and agency
  • active knowledge modeling
  • formal BP semantics for modeling and processing
  • work flow design and management
  • control-driven BPM suite development and tool applications

The conference, with different ways of participation, will take place in Vienna (Austria) on April 4-5, 2012.  The proceedings will be published by Springer in a Lecture Notes series.

A variety of submissions is invited:

  • S-BPM Research Papers as the way to present quality state-of-the-art research in all related areas. For researchers with interest in S-BPM and related areas this is a primary citation source. Submissions should not exceed 20 pages.
  • S-BPM Experience or Application Studies for developers or users of (S-)BPM systems having an interesting experience report to share about  a product, solution or application. Submissions should not exceed 15 pages.
  • S-BPM Interactive Education Material for trainers, teachers, or facilitators having  done work of survey or wanting to share in-depth knowledge with a broad audience. The education track is an execellent opportunity to share tutorial and methodological findings. The anticipated audience will consist of  additional interested people from (BPM) industry.  Submissions should not exceed 20 pages. They need to include empirical application evidence.
  • S-BPM demos:  This track is for practical work that can be presented to receive focussed feedback on, or to demonstrate it interactively. It is an opportunity to show case, discuss and get feedback from all participants. Submissions should not exceed 10 pages.
  • S-BPM Seamless Cross-organizational Challenge contributions:  Specifications of network or cross-enterprise applications that developers of  S-BPM languages, systems and techniques can show are invited. They should be presented the way it is solved within their solution.  If a (research) prototype has been developed developers will have the opportunity to participate in this competitive track with in-depth presentations. Each submission has to contain suffient details to judge the originality of the approach. It should not exceed 15 pages.
  • S-BPM Gong Show contributions:  The Gong Show will consist of very short presentations about  visionary and outrageous ideas towards the next generation of S-BPM.  Selection will be done by  submitting a short abstract.  The audience will vote for the best idea. If you have far-reaching idea about either technology or novel use this is your opportunity to share, get feedback, and even win an award. The submission required is a 5-page extended abstract indicating the originality of the approach.
  • S-BPM Young Researcher Networking Event contributions:  Master or PhD students in one of the above mentioned areas,  either in early stage or late stage, are encouraged to share ideas with peers and receive feedback in a relaxed atmosphere with senior people from research and development communities. Supervisors of master or PhD students are kindly asked to encourage their respective students‘ participation. The submission required is just a one page abstract reflecting the theme and status of the work.

For interaction and presentation various formats will be offered, enriched with keynotes to specific S-BPM topics.

All submissions need to be prepared according to Springer’s LNCS publication style information.

Let us share an exciting event!

Chris Stary

Chair S-BPM ONE 2012