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Workshop 4 - Building Blocks & Economical Implications of The Internet of Actors


The intra- and inter-company work models change from classic, pre-defined, inflexible business processes to agile value creation networks. Human, machines and software components collaborate in an integrated and coordinated way to fullfill their objectives. This necessitates a new dimension of agility, speed of transformation and individuality. We strongly believe that we need an open network of self-coordinating, modular components that offer full-fledged interoperability to tackle these challenges on the way to autonomous software systems. These components can be called Smart Actors and are the basic building blocks of a Peer-to-Peer Agile Value Creation Network.

At the same time such a network will offer an economic alternative compared to the classic, centralized platform models of the current IT-industry.

In this workshop, we present & discuss the methodology, the modular concept, the economical implications and the foundation of the Internet of Actors (IoA). The IoA will reduce complexity, programming efforts and unclear interfaces. It is going to be an enabler for agile, decentralized, self-coordinating value networks, acting as catalyst for the Internet of Things, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

Topics of Interest 

This is a discussion-based workshop. We gladly invite participants to discuss the concept oft he Internet of Actors and it’s technical & economical implications.
First we’ll present the topics using the whitepapers „The Internet of Actors - A Peer-to-Peer Agile Value Creation Network“ & „The economics of the Internet of Actors“ and then facilitate the discussion and the exchange of opinions & views using Open Discussion techniques and a World Café.

Additional material:

  • Whitepaper „The Internet of Actors - A Peer-to-Peer Agile Value Creation Network“ (available by end of February 2019 on actnconnect.com/whitepaper)
  • „The economics of the Internet of Actors“ (available by end of March 2019 on actnconnect.com/whitepaper)


Florian Strecker, actnconnect (florian.strecker@actnconnect.com)
Felix Gniza, actnconnect (felix.gniza@actnconnect.com)

Formats and types

Submissions are possible in the following format:

  1. Full Paper: These contributions present a completed research project or a scientifically examined case. They shold follow ACM format and be of 10 to 15 pages length. Full papers are evaluated in a detailed peer review in terms of quality, foundations, study design and impact.
  2. Short Paper: These contributions should have 4 to 6 pages (ACM format) and are evaluated in a fast track review by the Organization Committee. In what form the contribution should be presented at the conference (e.g., presentation, poster or discussion) should be indicated in the text. Contributions are evaluated primarily according to their potential to stimulate expert discussions on known or innovative topics. (a.) Work in Progress: Ongoing research or planned research contributions with initial results, as well as case studies or business applications without in-depth scientific underpinning. (b.) Reflection Papers: Discussions or opinions on current scientific or practical questions that are to be further substantiated or presented as a thesis at the congress. (c.) Demonstration/Showcases: Presentation of applications, case studies or prototypes. (d.) Doctoral/master studies: Research projects, ongoing studies or completed work of master and doctoral students. (e.) Panels: Discussions with invited guests or open for contribution. (f.) Tutorials: Guidance or practical guidelines from science and practice.

ACM format templates are available Opens external link in new windowhere.

Submission and Deadlines

Please submit your paper by sending to florian.strecker@actnconnect.com.

  • 29.03. Submission deadline
  • 10.05. Reviews available
  • 24.05. Camera-ready versions

All submissions will undergo blind peer reviews of two members of the workshop program committee.

Accepted full papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library. The short paper contributions will be published online at CEUR-WS.org (authors retain the sole copyright on their contributions in this case). All accepted contributions (full and short papers) will be included in printed proceedings volumes.