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We are happy to present the following outstanding keynote speakers (alphabetical order):

John S. Gero
(University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, USA)
Keynote title:
Situated Cognition, Affordances, Emergence and their Relationship to Subject-Oriented Programming
(for abstract and short bio see here)

Maximilian Röglinger
(University of Bayreuth (Wirtschaftsinformatik und Wertorientiertes Prozessmanagement))
Keynote title:
Why do business processes deviate? Results from a global Delphi Study
(for abstract and short bio see Initiates file downloadhere)

Opens external link in new windowMaurizio Canton
Keynote title:
Future of BPM – A BPM Software Vendor’s View

Regular Program

The preliminary program is available Initiates file downloadhere.


Here most of the presentations are available for download.

Day 1, Thursday, April 7, 2016

Keynote Speech

Initiates file downloadSituated Cognition, Affordances, Emergence and their Relationship to Subject-Oriented Programming (John S. Gero)

Session 1: Process Elicitation & Modeling I

Initiates file downloadWorking with Natural Language Texts for Process Management - Proposal and Analysis of a Process Analysis Methodology (Tobias Heuser, Matthes Elstermann)

Automatic Tool Support Possibilities for the Text-based S-BPM Process Modelling Methodology (Matthes Elstermann, Tobias Heuser)

Initiates file downloadA Method for Modeling Business Processes in a Role-based and Decentralized Way (Ali Mert Ertugrul, Onur Demirors)

Initiates file downloadExploring ACM and S-BPM for Modelling Human-centric Processes: An Empirical Comparison (Ioannis Routis, Christina Stratigaki, Mara Nikolaidou)

Session 2: Architecture & Development of (S-) BPM Software

Agent Based Business Process Modeling and Execution: Steps Towards a Compiler-Virtual Machine Architecture (Robert Singer) (presentation not available)

Initiates file downloadBusiness-Actors as base components of complex and distributed software applications (Florian Strecker, Reinhard Gniza, Thomas Hollosy, Florian Schmatzer)

Initiates file downloadOrder- and Invoicemanagement for Insolvency Administrators: A Software-Solution based on Business-Actors (Florian Strecker, Reinhard Gniza, Thomas Hollosy, Florian Schmatzer)

S-BPM implementation in CUBA Platform for rapid application development (Andrey Lednev, Anton Ivaschenko)

Initiates file downloadContinuous Software Engineering with special emphasis on Continuous Business-Process Modeling and Human-Centered Design (Peter Forbrig)

Dinner Speech

Initiates file downloadFuture of BPM – A BPM Software Vendor’s View (Maurizio Canton, Sebastian Hillig) (presentation not available)


Day 2, Friday, April 8, 2016

Keynote Speech

Initiates file downloadWhy do business processes deviate? Results from a global Delphi Study (Maximilian Röglinger)

Session 3: Cultural Aspects of BPM

Initiates file downloadProcess Culture: Maturity, Drivers, and Barriers (Doris Weitlaner)

Session 4: Process Elicitation & Modeling II

BPMN Model Interchange: The Quest for Interoperability (Matthias Kurz) (presentation not available)

Initiates file downloadModel While You Work – Towards Effective and Playful Acquisition of Stakeholder Processes (Harald Lerchner, Christian Stary)

Initiates file downloadThree Dimensions of Process Models Regarding their Execution (Christian Fichtenbauer, Albert Fleischmann)

Initiates file downloadUser-based process visualization (Lukáš Zoubek)

Session 5: Applied S-BPM in the Manufacturing and Medical Domain

Initiates file downloadIntegrating Business Processes and Manufacturing Operations Based on S-BPM and B2MML (Udo Kannengiesser, Matthias Neubauer, Richard Heininger)

S-BPM in Surgery Simulation Training (Anton Ivaschenko, Alexandr Kolsanov, Aikush Nazaryan)

Initiates file downloadLogistics Processes modeled in S-BPM and implemented in SAP to reduce Production Lead Times (Christoph Fleischmann, Karel Říha, Gerhard Stangl)

Session 6: Managing Process Data

Initiates file downloadEmbedding required data in process specifications during process validation (Anton Kramm, Christian Fichtenbauer, Florian Krenn)

Shared Business Objects for Paperless Public Management Processes (Thomas W. Schaller, Stefan Obermeier) (presentation not available)