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Platinum Sponsors

Detecon International GmbH
Detecon is one of the world’s leading consulting companies for ICT management consulting. Our services focus on consulting and implementation solutions which are derived from the use of information and communications technology (ICT). They encompass classic strategy and organization consulting as well as the planning and implementation of complex, technological ICT architectures and applications. Detecon’s expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and ICT consulting projects in more than 160 countries. Detecon is a subsidiary of T-Systems International, the business customer brand of Deutsche Telekom. www.detecon.com.

Fabrici Management Consulting
Fabrici Management Consulting is the Consulting Company providing services of Business Process Management and Automation more than a decade. With the broad experience on the Slovak and International Markets we’ve used various range of BPM products and technologies, among others SeeBeyond, AquaLogic BPM, IBM WebSphere, webMethods, jBoss jBPM.
The S-BPM brings new approach to the Business Process Automation. The easy-to-understand Process Modeling notation helps to get rid of prejudices about complexity of Business Process Models and, moreover, helps to eliminate the natural Business Users resistance to the Process Automation domain.
Fabrici Management Consulting became the first Metasonic partner in Slovakia in the beginning of 2012. We've immediately recognized the potential value of the product implementing the S-BPM paradigm and according to our experience we've understood the real value of the product - "being Revolutionary via being Evolutionary".
More detailed information can be found on www.fabrici.sk.

Metasonic AG
Metasonic is presenting a platform for dynamic process applications based on „subject-oriented business process management” (S-BPM). This approach is setting new standards in today’s BPM market. It is a revolution with the goal of establishing applications quickly and easily and integrating them promptly and seamlessly into existing IT systems. S-BPM focuses on the subjects, i.e. the people who are actively engaged in the process. In other words, it places the focus on the flow of communication instead of defining a rigid centralcontrol flow as in traditional BPM. Moreover, according to independent research, subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM) is the only continuous solution from modeling to execution of business processes – and that in just three steps and with five symbols. More detailed information can be found on www.metasonic.de.

Gold Sponsor

iQser AG
The software company iQser enables intelligent S-BPM as a bridge between the world of processes. Its GIN Suite is a semantic middleware for a high efficient semantic data integration and automatic semantic data analysis including advanced event handling. In combination with the Metasonic S-BPM Suite the integrated GIN Suite identifies and provides required and relevant information for each running process. It supports the users essentially to perform their tasks and take informed decisions - without the need of predefined links or any search. Information from any sources are easily plugged into the system and automatically analyzed semantically. The intelligent S-BPM bundle helps companies to go live with their processes and connect them to the existing world of dynamic data. The GIN Suite sets the new semantic technology standard. More detailed information can be found on www.iQser.com

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