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S-BPM ONE 2016, the 8th International Conference on Subject-Oriented Business Process Management will take place at Opens external link in new windowRegionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen (RRZE), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

The address is Martensstr. 1, 91058 Erlangen.

More detailed info coming soon.

RRZE Location

The RRZE (marked in red on the map) is located on the southern campus of the university.The RRZE is right next to the computer science building ("Informatik"), which is a blue and very tall-rise building.

Evening Program

To finish the conference day in a relaxed manner we will offer you guided tours through the Regional Computing Center of Erlangen (RRZE) for an insight look. The half-hour tours will start at 16:00 hrs and will not only show old-fashioned technology from the very early days of computers such as the Zuse Z23, but will also provide a visit to the server room with state-of-the-art super computers. Of course you will also have the opportunity to make and maintain contacts while snacks and refreshments are being served.

The Zuse Z23

Through the glass door on the upper level of the Computing Center she can be spotted: Konrad Zuse’s legendary Z23. She was not only the first electronic computer system of the FAU, but is worldwide one of the few systems of the computer pioneer that is still fully functioning. After standing still for over 30 years and a two year restauration process this is now one of the main attractions of ISER, the computer science collection of Erlangen. Discover the history of computers at your fingertips!

The Zuse Z23 mainframe from 1962 (photo: ISER)

For a first glimpse check out interesting facts and watch a video featuring the Zuse Z23 in action:

Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.fau.de/2015/03/news/zuse-rechenanlage-laeuft-nach-jahrelanger-tueftelei-wieder


The High-Performance Computers

When you tour the server room of the Regional Computing Center of Erlangen look behind the scenes of the IT-provider of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). In the server section that is normally closed to the general public you can see all wires connecting so to speak: For example the data traffic of more than 50,000 students and employees distributed over more than 200 building complexes across five cities. Or the WLAN of the FAU that typically supports more than 10,000 users at any time. You can also get a close look at the HPC-Clusters. What started with a Linux-Cluster in 2003 that mastered 776,000,000,000 computer operations per second has now long been surpassed. The new high-performance computers Emmy and LiMa have a total computing power of 300 Teraflops.


HPC Server room of the Regional Computing Center (photo: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)


Palais Sutterheim

Following the guided tours will be a social event starting at 19:30 hrs.

Palais Stutterheim

The event will be held downtown at the beautiful Palais Sutterheim which is located near the historic castle square.


How to get to the southern campus - some recommendations:

(If you are going to use public transport you also should have a look to Opens external link in new windowVGN homepage for details or alternatives).

  • from the Nuremberg Airport

You can take a taxi to the RRZE ("Südgelände/Technische Fakultät/Martensstr. 1"). The taxi ride will take about 25 minutes an will cost about 25 Euro.

Else take the Bus 33 (direction "Fürth Rathaus") until the stop "Am Wegfeld". Change to Bus 20 (direction "Erlangen Arcaden") until the stop "Technische Fakultät" (see below and the RRZE Location figure).

  • from the Nuremberg Main Railway Station

Take the S-Bahn S1 (direction "Bamberg")  until the stop "Paul-Gossen-Strasse". Change to the Bus 280 (direction "Sebaldussiedlung") until the stop "Technische Fakultät" (see below and the RRZE Location figure).

  • from the Erlangen Main Railway Station

You can take a taxi to the RRZE ("Südgelände/Technische Fakultät/Matrensstr. 1"). The taxi ride will take about 10 minutes and will cost about 10 Euro.

Else take the Bus 295 (direction "Tennenlohe") until the stop "Erlangen Süd". Cross the Motorway via bridge and follow the road Egerlandstrasse until at right hand side you see the blue high rise building Informatik and the adjacent entry to RRZE.

  • from a hotel in downtown Erlangen

You can take a taxi to the RRZE ("Südgelände/Technische Fakultät/Martensstr.1"). The taxi ride will take about 10 minutes and will cost about 10 Euro.

Take Bus 287 or Bus 297 (direction "Sebaldussiedlung"); exit at the bus stop "Technische Fakultät". The bus fare should be about 2 Euro.

  • from Bus stop "Technische Fakultät"

After short walk you will see the following view of the RRZE entry beneath the blue high-rise building Informatik (see also the RRZE Location figure).